Spiritual Blindness

Jeremiah 23:01-06 Download → Solus Christus

Matthew 04:12-17 Download → Repent, For The Kingdom of Heaven Is At Hand

Romans 05:06-09 Download → Christ’s Justification or God’s Wrath
Romans 06:19-21 Download → Present Yourselves As Servants To Righteousness

Colossians 03:18-21 Download → God’s Higher Road For Children

James 01:13-17 Download → Always Strive to Think Right About God And His Ways with Man
James 01:18-18 Download → It is God’s Will And Work That Regenerates
James 03:07-12 Download → The Negative Tongue
James 04:04-10 Download → Don’t Love The World
James 05:01-06 Download → The Judgement of God On The Unrighteous Wealthy